2. Accounts & Payments

Can I pay via an invoice?

Yes you can, we just need a little bit of information

Yes. If you require an invoice, then please email accounts@auditortrainingonline.com with the following information.

  1. Full company name for invoice (if applicable) : 
  2. Contact person & email address for invoice : 
  3. Company address (if applicable) : 
  4. Name of student (as it is to appear on the Certificate) : 
  5. The email address of the student : 
  6. Name of course/courses for enrolment (accessible from course home page) : 
  7. Purchase order number (attach if applicable) : 

If there are multiple students to be enrolled, simply provide a list of all students and their email addresses. If the students are doing different courses please indicate the course (as per our website) against their name.

Invoices can be paid directly via credit card, using the link in the invoice, or via a direct bank transfer.


Forms of payment we do not accept

  • Diners Club or BankCard
  • Cheques (personal, corporate, or international) 
  • Money orders.

Need more help?

We are happy to be your guide to auditing and management systems. Please contact us using the contact page.