2. ATOL Course Delivery Options

How are the assessments completed?

Simple assessment process

All of our qualification based courses are competency based, which means participants are required to achieve 100% to be deemed competent. To help you achieve this we have a clear and simple assessment process, and all the support you need from our team whose goal is to help you succeed.
The assessments are completed as part of the learning, step-by-step, module-by-module as you work through the course. No big exams at the end.
We know you have other important things in your life, as well as your study. For this reason, our courses are broken up into a series of smaller content specific modules which you can complete at your own pace.

How am I assessed?

Assessments can be broken up into online and offline

The important thing is that we are here to help you pass your assessment and obtain your qualification.

Online Assessments

You can access all the content and assessments online in the learning platform. This means you can learn whenever, and wherever.
Knowledge Checks
Interactive knowledge checks are done to ensure you understand the content and are ready for the module's assessment.
Module Assessment
The module assessment is the same format as the knowledge checks so you know exactly what you need to do.
You get three attempts at this assessment, after which it is locked for twenty-four hours. This provides you with an opportunity to review your results and the content and ask our support team any questions.
After 24 hours, the assessment is automatically unlocked for another three attempts. This can be done as often as required, which allows us to give you the support you deserve.
We have found that students with all types of learning styles find this an effective way to receive their qualification.

Offline Practical Assessment

In addition to the 'online' assessments, courses which include the BSBSS00128 Lead Auditor Skill Set and HACCP Practitioner qualifications require the completion of additional offline practical assessments.

These may include, but are not limited to, the upload and submission of:

    • Written response exam
    • Documented evidence of procedures performed
    • Observation based practical assessment through participation in an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Session

These types of submissions will require one of our trainers to manually review and mark.

How do I know what the assessment requirements are?

The specific assessment requirements for all our courses are outlined on their course page on the website under the assessment tab at the bottom of the course page.

We also provide further details of the specific unit requirements as part of a 'Unit Overview' at the beginning of your training. Many of our offline assessments also include additional guidance videos to assist you in understanding the requirements and how to complete the task. 

Need more help?

We are happy to be your guide to auditing and management systems. Please contact us using the contact page.