1. Certification

What qualification will I obtain?

We are an Exemplar Global Recognised Training provider

We are often asked, "What qualification will I have?", "Will I be certified as an auditor?" Also, see the article Do I receive a certificate / statement of attainment?
Importantly, your qualification helps you straight away!
Your course gives you an international and industry-recognised qualification. You can promote yourself as a fully qualified auditor after completing one of our Exemplar Global recognised Lead Auditor or Internal Auditor courses which include one or more of the following scopes: Quality, Environment, Safety or HACCP.
The typical roles you might work in would be as
  • As an employee of a company responsible for the development, maintenance and improvement of their management systems, including the auditing of these systems
  • As a 2nd Party (Supplier) Auditor
What if I want to conduct 3rd Party Audits on behalf of a Certification Body?
Since we are an Exemplar Global Recognised Training Provider (you can see us listed at their Training Provider Search Register) your Lead Auditor qualification which includes a competency, such as Quality, allows you to get the required Lead Auditor personnel certification with Exemplar Global.
Obtaining Personnel Certification
Like most professions your qualification is just the start. Gaining recognition by a personnel certification body such as Exemplar Global confirms to your professional network that you are a dedicated professional who is committed to continued professional development and be a part of an association and network of like minded professionals.
Exemplar Global offers a variety of personnel certification options depending on your qualifications, experience, and intentions. 
To ensure you receive the most appropriate personnel certification advice for you, we recommend contacting Exemplar Global.
You can contact them before or after you are qualified, and they can answer all your questions. Be sure to let them know you are one of our students and they will be sure to look after you.
Digital Credentials
Your qualification includes a Credly digital badge. Representing your skills as a digital badge lets you share your abilities online in a simple, secure way.

Digital badges are just another way employers can view concrete evidence of what you had to do to earn your qualification and what you are capable of.
Australian RTO
Please see the article "Are you an Australian RTO" for our RTO status. We are an Australian RTO for the purposes of delivering certain industry specific courses within the country. All our Exemplar Global recognised courses, such as Lead Auditor Quality Management Systems etc are internationally recognised.

Need more help?

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