2. Accounts & Payments

What payment methods are available?

Your education is the best investment you can make.

We have plenty of options to allow you to get your qualification.
  1. Simply click on the 'Enrol Now' button on the course pages to start the process and pay online via our secure payment portal (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). You will receive immediate access to your course.
  2. We can send you an invoice. See the knowledge base article 'Can I pay via an invoice?' for details. This is a great option if your organization is paying for you, or you are an organization that wants to enrol multiple people.
  3. We do not offer payment plans.
    1. As an option for Australian citizens and residents, Zip Payment solutions are available for use. Zip offers the flexibility of instalment payments for added convenience. See Paying for your course using Zip for more details.
  4. We do not accept Diners Club, BankCard, Cheques (personal, corporate, or international), or Money Orders.

Need more help?

We are happy to be your guide to auditing and management systems. Please contact us using the contact page.